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Prairie City Response reminds me of other “Reality Hero” (Yes, I made up that term) comics, like Nowhere MenThe Boys, or Powers, where the whole concept of Superheroics is taken and given an injection of grit and awesome. Like those comics, PCR does a great job of establishing something amazing right out of the gate. With great story and stellar art, Prairie City Response is one to watch out for.

– Troy L. Wiggins, REVIEW: Prairie City Response #1

MAYFLY is a serial horror story about a professor’s encounter with old acquaintances and creatures from beyond our reality.  Through Philip’s eyes, we are introduced to strange new realms – and brought to the door of death itself.
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The Patton Sea Raiders (from the Slow Boat to Fast City anthology)

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A man without a country. A mysterious package. “The Patton Sea Raiders” paints a picture of a ramshackle space-age Mars where answers are the only thing more dangerous than questions.

The Bee in Van Pelt Park, a high-tech vigilante story published in the Spring ’16 Issue of 2600