‘His personality was exceptional’: Former manager remembers man killed in Olathe shooting

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Channel 4 News

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Muhammad Ali Jr. detained by immigration officials at Fla. airport

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Basit Ali

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Depeche Mode tells “lifelong fan” Richard Spencer to fuck off

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GoFundMe established for victims of apparent hate crime in Olathe Wednesday night

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City Fines Interracial Couple Who Found Racist Graffiti On Home

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No Apathy Zone – Crossroads Arts District Events

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No Apathy Zone – Crossroads Arts District Events

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Why did a school handcuff an 8-year-old with a disability?

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Higher Perspective

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Five children who got longer sentences for throwing stones than the Israeli soldier who shot dead an incapacitated Palestinian

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I got Critical Counterculturist! Which Millennials segment do you belong to?

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Pence makes surprise visit to vandalized Jewish cemetery

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Lawyers: ICE detainee with brain tumor removed from hospital

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Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund

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Last Remnants of Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Camp Engulfed in Flames

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La Raza Unida

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La Raza Unida

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Standing Rock: Lakota Protectors Vow “Treaty Stand” to Resist Eviction Today

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Mexican man kills himself after being deported from US – BBC News

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Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways

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Peaches Monroee, Who Created “Eyebrows On Fleek,” Has Started A GoFundMe For A Line Of Cosmetics

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Muslims Shouldn’t Have To Be “Good” To Be Granted Human Rights

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Saladin Ahmed on Twitter

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‘Every person deserves to rest in peace:’ American Muslims raising money to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery

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Chuck Tingle

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Neighborhood works to raise money for man after they called police on him

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Milo Yiannopoulos has been racist for years, do we only draw the line at pedophilia?

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Instagram post by Elliot Tebele • Feb 21, 2017 at 5:08am UTC

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Saga’s Lying Cat Is the Official Mascot of 2017

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Saga’s Lying Cat Is the Official Mascot of 2017

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Saga’s Lying Cat Is the Official Mascot of 2017

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Saga’s Lying Cat Is the Official Mascot of 2017

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Saga’s Lying Cat Is the Official Mascot of 2017

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British Muslim teacher denied entry to US on school trip

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Vandals target historic Jewish cemetery in University City

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What Would It Take to Stop the Ice Raids? – IT’S GOING DOWN

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Bryan Cranston Will Bring Philip K. Dicks Electric Dreams to Series

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Pentagon Admits It Used Depleted Uranium Munitions in Syria

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Legislators look to repeal law that allows unequal pay for disabled workers

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Texas Senator Shatters Table Trying to Silence Woman Testifying Against Anti-Abortion Bill

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Psychiatrist: Calling Trump Mentally Ill Is An Insult To The Mentally Ill

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Mike Sullivan is creating a Universe (web comic) | Patreon

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FOX 4 News Kansas City

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Immigrant businesses close as part of national movement

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More than half of NFL players booked for Israel PR trip withdraw

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Chuck Tingle

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Tenn. man who plotted NY mosque attack won’t face terror charges

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Jon Carpenter

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Mass sexual assault in Frankfurt by refugees ‘completely made up’

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Mass sexual assault in Frankfurt by refugees ‘completely made up’

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Bird Addicts

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U.S. detains Mexican immigrant in Seattle covered by Obama program

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ICE makes hundreds of arrests, including MO & KS – KSHB.COM

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The Autistic Self Advocacy Network

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ICE makes hundreds of arrests, including MO & KS – KSHB.COM

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you’re currently in the army now – chainsawsuit – three panels daily

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Anonymous infiltrated the KKK by friending Blue Lives Matter supporters on Facebook

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A Queer Autistic

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ICE confirms 160 immigrants were detained in Southern California raids

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Dissociative Identity Disorder is not a B-Movie Monster

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New Scientist

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Chuck Tingle

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KKK imperial wizard Frank Ancona is found dead in Missouri

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The government just quietly banned disabled child refugees from Britain

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xkcd: Bird/Plane/Superman

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All 4

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Green Party of Kansas City, Missouri

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The Guardian

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Birb memes

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Louisiana kid goes viral with project on ‘School to Prison Pipeline’

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Coal mining debris ruling overturned

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Those jobs are gone forever. Let’s gear up for what’s next.

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Donald Trump signs executive order giving police more authority

"No mention was made by Mr Trump of the hundreds of people who die at the hands of law enforcement every year." from Facebook ...

Girl with autism found locked up in cage at Tennessee home

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The most important black woman sculptor of the 20th century deserves more recognition

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Legio XIIII Gemina

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Janelle Monáe

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In Her Own Words: The Haunting Importance of Sandra Bland’s “Sandy Speaks” Videos

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The Frog and the Scorpion: When They Go Low, We Go Die

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Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump

"When we worry and wonder about authoritarian regimes that inflict cruelty on civilians, we often imagine tyrannical despots unilaterally ...

One Woman’s Brilliant “Fuck You” to Wikipedia Trolls

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Instagram photo by Boing Boing • Feb 4, 2017 at 7:52pm UTC

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Chuck Tingle

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Trump Just Declared the ‘Court System’ a Threat to National Security

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Anti-Fascist News

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Marvel Meets Orishas: A Brazilian Artist Is Turning African Gods Into Superheroes · Global Voices

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The New York Times

Commentary by friend: Two points in the article that aren't the headline: -Bannon is working 16-hour days, while the president is in his ...

Thousands of Jews and Arabs march together against racism and house demolitions in Tel Aviv – Israel News

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