Risks of harm from spanking confirmed by analysis of 5 decades of research

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FYI I Wanna F Your A – NSP

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Kansas governor withdraws from Syrian refugee program

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ASAN Kansas City

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Death Officially A Motherfucker

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The Raw Story

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The Autistic Self Advocacy Network

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WIDER IMAGE-Students run mobile amputee clinic in Syria

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The Division – Problematic Meaning in Mechanics – Extra Credits

Here is important viewing for your Saturday. Great work, @extracredits from Facebook ...

Traveller T-Shirt With 40 Icons Lets You Communicate In Any Country Even If You Don’t Speak Its…

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A Stanford dean on adult skills every 18-year-old should have

You could easily disqualify scores of disabled students by holding them to these standards. I'm close with a lot of people who have either been ...

The Intense World Theory of Autism: an Introduction

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Association of Libertarian Feminists

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The Autistic Self Advocacy Network

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Media Matters for America

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The Autistic Self Advocacy Network

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Disability Advocates Arrested At White House

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Media Silent as Massive Protest in D.C. Fills Jails Beyond Capacity

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Marshall Edwards is creating Genre Fiction and comics | Patreon

Here's the soft re-release of my Patreon. I have many short comics in the mix - pledge and read some comics and short stories today! from ...

Spring 2016

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Taken by Marshall

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Act of Love

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Taken by Marshall

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Taken by Io

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Taken by Io

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Disability and Access Toolkit

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Inside Meow Wolf, the amusement park for people who want a weirder Disneyland

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Obama Opens First Gender-Neutral Bathrooms at White House

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A Marine explains which state would win if the US declared war on itself

This. This was a good read. Give it a spin if you like alternate histories and speculation. from Facebook http://ift.tt/1IEgW8r via


Plenty of autistic people use pot for anxiety. So why not #lightitupgreen and smoke up your autistic friends? from Facebook ...


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Autism Doesn’t Make Me Blue: How to Support Autistic People This April

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Movie Stills for Inspiration

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Film Stills, Stars, Behind-the-Scenes, Posters, etc.

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The Mad Max: Fury Road teaser trailer is utterly insane

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Movie Stills for Inspiration

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I got “You are Jürgen Habermas!” on “What’s your epistemology?” on Qzzr. What about you?

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Outer Places

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Ars Technica

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EARTH channel

Let us take a moment to watch their leetle heads from Facebook http://ift.tt/1UxeplJ via

Sailor Snarky

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Neanderthals: Smarter Than You Think

Fascinating! from Facebook https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=6bkvzTwtgoA&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DHlBypnWxL3M%26feature%3Dshare via

Hollywood heavyweights threaten to pull productions from Georgia if Gov. Deal signs HB 757 into law

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The People For Bernie Sanders 2016

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Democracy Now!

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Texas Cop Filmed Pepper-Spraying Passing Bikers On Highway | Cop Block

CN: police violence Given recent events, I felt I needed to share this. from Facebook http://ift.tt/1SPqOjb via

5 (Statistically BS) Complaints About Social Justice Issues

"In fact, we're pretty much just using the two pronouns you already know, though occasionally someone will prefer "they" or "ze." So that's one ...

Battlefield Britain – Battle For Wales

We don't talk much about English policy toward Celtic peoples as a precursor to the empire and police state we see today, do we? Anyway, here's ...

The Numbers Are Shocking: Over a Third of Killings by Police Are of Disabled People

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The Autistic Self Advocacy Network

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Toonz Software Used by Studio Ghibli and ‘Futurama’ Being Made Free and Open Source

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KKK Just Threatened an 84-Year-Old Woman Who Fled Hitler after She Criticized Trump

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Rick and Morty

(Content: cursing and hyperviolence) Happy Strawberry Sniggles Day! from Facebook http://youtu.be/iVgMFY1JFGU via

Occupy the EPA

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How Your Personality Impacts Your Life?

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ID Requirements

For those voting in Jackson County today from Facebook http://ift.tt/1SPJqzA via


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CBS reporter arrested at Trump rally: ‘I’ve never seen anything like what I’m witnessing’

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Janelle Monae Will Co-Star in a Movie About the Women Behind the Space Program

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Click here to support Kansas City GDC Local 15 Bail and Legal Support Fund by IBWC…

Lots of respect for IBWC for organizing jail and legal support. I'm giving. from Facebook http://ift.tt/1QP0Mdj via

NBC Olympics

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Revolution News

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Kat Blaque

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Chicago Police: We Never Talked With Trump About Shutting Down Rally

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Democracy Now!

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Paper Hosts- Psycosis

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Florida’s Vero Beach Dig Site May Rewrite the Prehistory, Dating Back 14,000 Years

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Association of Libertarian Feminists

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Sanders meant to insult Republicans. He insulted people with mental illness instead.

What a year for politics, media, and disability. For me, I started paying attention when Seinfeld said he sympathized or understood a lot of ...

Richard O’Brien says trans people ‘can’t become women’ – Gay Star News

CW: transmisogyny The co-writer of "Rocky Horror" said this bullshit. from Facebook http://ift.tt/1TmPDnk via


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Disability Access and Pre-Peeled Oranges (with image, tweets) · AnaMardoll

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Florida bill requires autism spectrum police training

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A soup kitchen disguised as a restaurant is making a big difference in Kansas City.

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‘Rick And Morty’ Season 3 Release Date Earlier Than Expected, Plus Bonus Episodes!

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Capoeira Angola Mãe

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South Dakota Governor Vetoes Law on Transgender Bathrooms

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The Fond du Lac Underclass

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Janelle Monáe on Instagram: “I will be down in Flint for a FREE concert w/ @directher,…

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Texas Universities Warn Faculty to ‘Avoid Sensitive Topics’ Due to Insane Gun Laws

RIP Moritz Schlick (look it up) from Facebook http://ift.tt/1p9FVrO via

Solidarity: a socialist, feminist, anti-racist organization

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Yet Another Transgender Person of Color Has Been Found Dead in Texas – Towleroad

There is gofundme for this man's funeral expenses - link in the article from Facebook http://ift.tt/1PWdhDq via

Caregivers arrested after 65-year-old woman tortured, abused

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So I’ve been listening to the King of Prussia. It’s fascinating and well known “Autism Awareness” organization/ antiAutistic hate to cut a scene, but things directly. -MarshallBot

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What is ~A E S T H E T I C~ Experience? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Today PBS Idea Channel dropped a vid about #aesthetics, Wittgenstein, and memes. Please bask. from Facebook ...

Petition to recall Gov. Rick Snyder over Flint water crisis clears Michigan panel

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African-Americans With Autism Face Additional Challenges

I didn't catch this the day of, so thanks Michael for the assist. I know what I'm listening to tomorrow. from Facebook ...

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking

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