Tom Jones It’s Not Unusual

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Over 40 LGBTQAI Creators To Be Featured In Stacked Deck Press’ Alphabet – Bleeding Cool Comic…

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I Was Never Able To Accept My Son’s Autism Until I Monetized It Through Blogging

This is just hot as fire. W A O [clickhole is satire] from Facebook via

Homemade Gaming

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Visual Adjectives | Defining Thought ~ Describing Creation ~ Telling Stories ~ Illustrating Concepts

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5 Weird Ways You Didn’t Realize TV Is Sexist

Number 2 bothers me the most. from Facebook via

Alabama To Pay Planned Parenthood’s Legal Fees After Trying To Defund It

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“And I’m the Nugget Boy!”

"Show me your moves!" (Actually I already saw them with future vision) from Facebook via

Yes. He’s a terrorist

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A White Male Terrorist Shot More People Today Than Refugees Have Since 9/11

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Cops Who Framed Mentally Challenged Man For Rape and Murder Ordered To Personally Pay Him $7,000,000

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Jamestown Colonists Resorted to Cannibalism

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Shaun King

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Reporter Who Forced Release of Laquan McDonald Video Is Barred from News Conference

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Stacked Deck Press

People who want comics about trans + queer issues, take note! from Facebook via

Chicago Officer Who Shot Black Teen 16 Times To Be Charged With First Degree Murder

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Minnesota NAACP leader shocks CNN: Police are ‘behind’ the Black Lives Matter shooting

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White supremacists shoot 5 Black Lives Matter activists protesting in Minneapolis

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Wall of Shame: 11Alive News Atlanta refers to murder as “Mercy Killing

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Rojava’s Democratic, Feminist Revolution a Source of Hope Among Horror

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Cthulhu the Conqueror: A Graphic Novel

Friends! Conquerors! Is this your thing? Maybe it should be. from Facebook via

Claiming Crip: Loving Me Does Not Make You A Saint

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‘Get him the hell out of here!’: Trump sics supporters on black protester who gets beaten and kicked

Trump says the word, and this man is beaten and expelled. We can't afford to give him more power than he has. from Facebook ...

Affordances – How Design Teaches Us Without Words – Extra Credits

For Skyler and others: here's some crossover between the world of game design and education. It's all about affordances. from Facebook ...

chira art — Steven Universe, Rose Quartz – [BUY THE PRINT]…

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The 7 Best Philip K. Dick Stories That Haven’t Been Turned Into Movies

An Eye in the Sky movie *would* be pretty rad. I honestly had forgotten that The Man in the High Castle was coming out... but I'm not sure I'm ...

Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton Pitched Iraq As ‘A Business Opportunity’ For US Corporations

No Hilary, all right? from Facebook via

Gil does science

Smelly that dairy air! from Facebook via

Hanged, stoned, killed by their parents: 271 trans people murdered this year – Gay Star News

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Gov. Nixon defends decision not to oppose Syrian refugee settlement in Missouri : News

Missouri! 5% of the time, we're right every time. from Facebook via

DeBie Hive

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How a refugee gets to America, explained by an actual refugee

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Virginia mayor cites Japanese internment camps (favorably) in making case for halting Syrian…

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Why Should the U.S. Accept Syrian Refugees? Because It Helped Displace Them.

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What Is Your Most Used Words on Facebook? – Marshall’s Most Used Words on Facebook

today I'm just like, really? from Facebook via

All Paris Attackers Identified So Far Are European Nationals, According To Top EU Official

Not an international threat. Not a refugee problem. Okay? Okay. from Facebook via

Here’s Why Wall Street is Cheering After the Paris Attacks

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Middle East: Odenathus – Ghosts of the Desert – Extra History

on the subject of "What do you listen to at work?", here's an intro to the stellar Extra History series from Facebook ...

It’s the Occupation, Stupid

replace "stupid" with "fools", but yeah from Facebook via

41 men targeted but 1,147 people killed: US drone strikes – the facts on the ground

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ConQuesT 2015, and a New Arrival

Hello readers! I'm dropping in to announce the launch of the anthology "Slow Boat to Fast City", published by Pine Float Press. My ...

PCR Banner

Spotlight: “Prairie City Response”

What is Prairie City Response? Join fledgling heroes Dryad, Zeno and Cannonball as they defend Prairie City, a midwest metropolis populated ...


What’s New?: March 7th, 2015

Hello readers! "What's New?" is my website's newest feature.  I'll be sharing updates on projects, publications of works, that sort of ...


Patreon, Revamped

It's Patreon time again! Art for Issue 2 of PCR is going well, and we'll have some new incentives for patrons soon.  In the next couple ...

Pg1 inks

PCR #2: New Inks!

Hello, everyone! I wanted to share with you the first page inks for Prairie City Response #2.  Erick has really outdone himself this time ...


A Minecraft Adventure (C’mon, grab your friends)

I recently got roped into Minecraft by my daughter Kat.  I was reluctant at first, but then I jumped right into it the same way I do Legos - ...


Lyrics: Take The Shot

These are the lyrics to a protest song.  It came to me on the morning commute when I heard about the horrifically botched execution in ...



3 We rattled down broken road, hundreds of black chestnuts squealing and popping under our wheels.  Shaheen brimmed with ill-concealed glee as ...


A New Mission: ASAN-KC

        Hi folks! While the fiction projects have been delayed (I hope to get them to you shortly), I wanted ...

Mesmeric: “Willy Weishaupt and the Chocolate Pyramid”

Hello, readers! The Mesmeric Compendium is back, and we've got a few new articles for you.  In fact, they reflect back to this fancy article ...

New World, New Thoughts

Last weekend, a ton of comics creators (including myself) set up shop at Planet Comicon.  I shared a table with Mike Keener, and we had a ...


“Seed”, Ch. 2

“Herald! Long time no see. How the hell you been?” The little man gawked, then turned back to Rylie.  “It speaks to me without ...


“Yellow River Red Star,” Ch. 1

"My darling Mudan. You've trained so hard.” Mudan’s mother found her in the Mining Sector of Lesser Yellow Refinery, far from the crowds ...

So cute.

At Bat

This is the month.  Tbe month I really get my content out there, come hell or high water. I spent my weekend on the orange couch working, ...



MAYFLY Vol 1 is fully illustrated and for sale! Check it out on Gumroad. MAYFLY Vol 2 is in production.  Support ongoing projects by ...


PCR Comics Extra: The Covers!

Hey everyone!  The PCR #1 weekly webcomic starts this week, so let's talk behind-the-scenes stuff.  Today, we discuss: the ...

Screenshot 2014-02-02 10.20.47

Youtube: “The Magic Trick” by Mick Whalen

Hi all, and happy Saturday! It's cold and crappy here, so I thought I'd share with you a little joy.  This video, "Magic Trick," was made by my ...

Shithead is helping!

In my dream, over-muscular Wobblies from the  floated in a zero-g washroom, getting rapturous buzzes from tesla-arc generators. I laid in bed ...

Screenshot from Harold Sipe's Beyond Stories

MAYFLY 1-1 To Appear on Horror Blog!

This week, my MAYFLY 1-1 will appear on Beyond Stories, a horror blog managed by comics hero Harold Sipe.  Sipe is perhaps best known for his ...

Empty Space

I'm writing this on a prompt. It's a first draft, let's say. The prompt is, "Ways to fill the holes in your heart." And I know the ...

photo by Tony Vincelli via Flickr

The Patreon Fundraising Campaign is Live!

Hey, everyone! I wanted to let you know my Patreon campaign is live.  Patreon is an ongoing fundraising platform designed for creators, and I'm ...

Anti-Anxiety Meds: Life With Drugs

I've been on anxiety meds for almost a month now - and oh, what an experience it's been.  The initial "eureka!" has worn off, the unmovable ...


What is Patreon?

In advance of my new fundraising plan, I thought I'd better explain just what Patreon is. Why Patreon? Unlike other platforms like ...

Snooze Alarm

The first alarm is for disbelief. The second alarm is for snuggling. The third alarm is for cooperative

Morning Bus

[caption id="attachment_3707" align="aligncenter" width="427"] Me at the bus stop in Mission. Taking in the sunshine![/caption] It's lovely how ...

In With The New: Fundraising & a Webcomic

[caption id="attachment_3703" align="alignnone" width="706"] Erick Marquez's Cover for Prairie City Response #2 - Fundraiser ...

Being Present

[caption id="attachment_3682" align="alignnone" width="225"] Me at Astrokitty Comics in Lawrence, Kansas last December.[/caption] In 2013, I ...

Love is not a moon: a Poem

Love is not a moon. Love does not waver from full to nothing. When I was young I thought love was these things: A yellow embrace in conifer ...

“MAYFLY” Roughs, III

Dennis has been working hard to get MAYFLY Vol. 1 illustrated! We have been going back and forth on layouts, and I'm really excited about how ...

“MAYFLY” Roughs, II

Dennis has been working hard to get MAYFLY Vol. 1 illustrated! We have been going back and forth on layouts, and I'm really excited about how ...

“MAYFLY” Illustration Roughs

Dennis has been working hard to get MAYFLY Vol. 1 illustrated! We have been going back and forth on layouts, and I'm really excited about how ...

Dog Still Has The Goods

(Picture of Barnaby by the lovely So I'm sad about the dog being so sick, and it's the coldest day in the last twenty ...

Dog Still Has The Goods

(Picture of Barnaby by the lovely So I’m sad about the dog being so sick, and it’s the coldest day in the ...

Hey, Dog

Hey, dog.  You look comfortable. That's your orange couch, isn't it? Who's gonna use it when you're gone? Who's going to take point and ...

            Hi everyone! Erick posted this beautiful cover for PCR #2 on Thursday.  Outstanding stuff! ...

Preparing for PCR #2: Cover art!

Happy new year, everyone! A couple days ago, Erick passed on the shaded inks for PCR 2's cover.  Dryad's looking great in her new armor.  What ...

New Year’s Poem

I watched the tiger-bands of morning,Pink up high in a melon field, and a thickBand of bloody red, forebear of theOrange regiments of sun.I knew ...

What I’m Reading: “Sangokushi” by Yokoyama Mitsuteru

I received Dynasty Warriors 6 this Christmas (the PS2 is still my main console), and I am stoked to play more Three Kingdoms madness.  The ...

What I’m Reading: “The Scarf” by Emmy Cicierega

I don't like hating on the holidays, or on winter.  What's the point, right? It doesn't go by any faster, and there are only so many chances to ...

Night People: An Example Setting

Hello again, readers! Because I don't have enough projects (ha!), I recently started creating a tabletop RPG called "Night People."  It's all ...

Fresh Ink, Here!

Hey folks! Erick dropped this on me last night.  It's the inked cover for Issue 2 of Prairie City Response.  This incorporates the new ...

Dreams of School

I had a dream about college this week.  It wasn't my typical anxiety dream - it's finals, and I realize there's a class I've forgotten about ...

An Artist is You!

TJ gave me a variety of notebooks and a very stylish pencil for Christmas! I've been plotting out an autobiographical comic for a while, ...

Chill Pills

One of my grade school teachers had a method of keeping kids in line.  When her students bickered or rough-housed, she firmly called them to ...


Now I have an iPhone. Ho ho

New Year Approacheth

The cold is still in my system - the cold that's laid a heavy gauze between me and my work - but I'm not deterred.  I am happy. This has been ...

To my Writer Friend

Writer Friend, We met online, and I was humbled when you, a successful and published writer, took an interest in my work.  You praised my ...

#DEVerb: Least Favorite Relative

Hey all! I joined #DEVerb a while back - it's a series of prompts for this December, and they're all rant-related (fiction or no).  Kinda ...

New “MAYFLY” preview with finished art!

Hello everyone! I have a new preview of MAYFLY for you to see.  It has finished artwork by Dennis Coyle, and I hope you enjoy. Horror ...

#CyberMonday Offer – Donate and Get A Comic!

Hi readers! As you know, I'm running a fundraiser for the first volume of my horror serial, MAYFLY.  If you love fantastic horror art but have ...

New MAYFLY Artwork – half-inked and stunning!

Check out some killer new art from Dennis Coyle! It's halfway through the inking stage here. The perspective and detail here just blow me ...

“MAYFLY” Part 1 – now, as a PDF!

Good morning, everyone! I hope you've all rested after that strenuous eating.  We've got one more fancy meal today and by God, I hope we ...

The Making of “MAYFLY”: A Mind Apart

With the MAYFLY indiegogo underway, I keep thinking about what MAYFLY means to me as its author. When you create, the best feeling is to be ...

“MAYFLY” indiegogo Goes live!

Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that we have launched a fundraiser for the MAYFLY vol. 1's art. [caption id="attachment_3456" ...

“Acknowledging The Cat”, a short comic script

I've been incubating this little project for a few weeks.  You may know, but I have issues with socializing, overstimulation, concentration, ...