Sanders meant to insult Republicans. He insulted people with mental illness instead.

What a year for politics, media, and disability. For me, I started paying attention when Seinfeld said he sympathized or understood a lot of autism symptoms.

I was hopeful.

Days later he ran scared from his own statements and any insinuation that he could be on the spectrum.


Shortly after, Obama joined Seinfeld on his show Getting Coffee with Comedians (or w/e), and they joked about how other leaders are mentally ill and such.


After that, Obama came out and said “We need to improve health care for the mentally ill-” Woo! “-so we can make sure none of those fuckers can have guns.” This despite evidence that the disabled are much more likely to be the victims rather than perpetrators of violence.

And now, this.

I’ve been unhappy with the establishment left for a while. And now I’m unhappy with the far left of the establishment left.

Progress is up to us.
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