ConQuesT 2015, and a New Arrival

Hello readers! I’m dropping in to announce the launch of the anthology “Slow Boat to Fast City”, published by Pine Float Press.


My writing comrade Sean Demory tagged me to be a part of this, and I happily obliged.  It’s a smokey, bluesy romp through American-held Mars after the Allies finally defeat the Nazis on Olympus Mons.  The planets now a mix of drifters, grifters, rebels and exiles that goes down with a touch of desert raygun pulp.  My

You can buy the anthology in paperback, retail paperback, or as an epub.

Or, you can buy my story, “The Patton Sea Raiders,” in paperback or as an epub.

That’s it! Oh, and if you’re off to ConQuesT this weekend, check me out with the Pine Float Press people.  I’m happy to talk fiction and share my wares with you.  I’ll be on a number of panels tomorrow and a panel Sunday (the schedule is here).

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