Spotlight: “Prairie City Response”

What is Prairie City Response?

Join fledgling heroes Dryad, Zeno and Cannonball as they defend Prairie City, a midwest metropolis populated by humans and aliens.  This fractious team takes on extraterrestrial technology, super-criminals and private armies while struggling to maintain their public image.  And even now, old dangers from their pasts return to threaten the present…



Prairie City Response reminds me of other “Reality Hero” (Yes, I made up that term) comics, like Nowhere MenThe Boys, or Powers, where the whole concept of Superheroics is taken and given an injection of grit and awesome. Like those comics,PCR does a great job of establishing something amazing right out of the gate. With great story and stellar art, Prairie City Response is one to watch out for.

– Troy L. Wiggins, REVIEW: Prairie City Response #1

What’s New with PCR?

Right now, we’re creating inks for Issue 2.  Here’s a gallery of what we’ve made so far:

Can I Buy PCR?

Issue One is for sale on Gumroad.  And, if you want to help produce the series, you can donate to the Patreon.



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