The Hell is a Bubblews?

Hello readers! Amidst this weekend’s preparations and promoting, I’ve hit upon a new way to share my work and earn a little scratch.  Bubblews is a social media site with a twist – when a post of yours gets traffic, Bubblews splits the ad revenue with you 50/50.

Screenshot 2014-02-09 20.46.58

So how exactly does that shake out? Well, my first post – made just last night – has been seen 36 times, received a few “likes” (the like/dislike system reminds me of Reddit a bit) and one comment.  Because of that post, I’ve earned a little under a dollar fifty.

Ideally, the more networking you do, the more views each post will get and the more you’ll earn.  I have a long ways to go with that.  You can redeem what you’ve earned once your balance exceeds $50.  We’ll see how long it takes to get there.  (Big thanks to user GeneralMalcontent for getting me started!)

So! Yet one more thing I’m learning how to do this month.  I’m pretty excited about that right now, but there’s the rub – I get excited about new projects and don’t always follow through with what I’ve started.

Bit by bit, that’s changing.  It has to.

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