What I’m Reading: “The Scarf” by Emmy Cicierega

I don’t like hating on the holidays, or on winter.  What’s the point, right? It doesn’t go by any faster, and there are only so many chances to slip and slide on icy streets.  Still, something about the short days wears me down and makes it hard for me to recover.  I’m just as susceptible to winter doldrums as anyone.

Here’s a remedy: Emmy Cicierga’s Scarf.


Scarf is about a young woman stuck in the middle of a winter funk in the middle of the city.  Soon, adding insult to injury, her scarf is carried away by the wind.

But, later that night, the wind brings it back.  I won’t do anything more to spoil this sweet, uplifting story.  It’s short, wordless and magical, so please give it a read for yourself.

Cicieraga’s work is energetic and often whimsical.  If you like this story, check out her tumblr too!

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