“Feelings On My Bread”: A Parody

I’ve always had a thing for parody songs.  After listening to Jose Gonzalez’s cover of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” last night and singing it all day today, the words began to change.

And here’s the result: a parody of “Teardrop” I call “Bread”.


Grocery blogger
Posts a new chapter:
“Feelings On My Bread”
“Doughy, tough and bland
Stick to the generic brand.
Feelings On My Bread”
Shared and liked on Facebook
“Feelings On My Bread”

Load Statistics page
Now the counter’s running
“Feelings On My Bread”
Ten page views or more
Liked by three or four
“Feelings On My Bread”
Two RTs on Twitter
“Feelings On My Bread”

Reddit reads the bit
Says “This blogger’s killing it”
Upvotes in my thread
Subreddit devotees
Read reviews of dairy-free
Imitation butter spread
“Saltless and watery
No stars for this butter spread”

BoingBoing spreads the word
“Check Out This Cool Grocery Nerd:
‘Feelings On My Bread'”
Snide hater reviews
Thousands of new page views
Spikes in my Klout cred

And now my site’s down
And now my site’s down

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