My First Con, and A Teaser!

Hi all! Yesterday, I attended Free State Comicon in Lawrence, KS.  It was my first show as a creator – my first go-round on the other side of that so-important table.  I shared a table with Jeremy Mohler, the colorist for Prairie City Response #1 and brilliant illustrator.  New fans left very excited about PCR, and I got to know many local and independent creators.  What an awesome time!

From a business standpoint, I hope to build on this synergy and grow into more appearances.  Some people approached me about other conventions, such as Smallville Comic Con, and I’ve been invited to appear at a local comic shop for their Wednesday rush! More as that develops.

Speaking of building momentum, I hope to have the PCR #2 Kickstarter rolling soon! It’s gonna be big, and I’m damn proud of this script.  As soon as the artists give me the go-ahead, we’ll roll!

There have been developments in other projects, as well.  Here’s a sketch of artwork for an upcoming “MAYFLY” zine-style booklet.  I love what Dennis Coyle III is putting together for this – very fun!



Stay tuned for future developments!

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