No Exertion, All Momentum

Things move swiftly around here.  Dates are being filled, and plans long made are coming to fruition.  It’s exhilirating – and just a little taxing.

Tomorrow my friends and I record our podcast based on an alternate timeline where magic is real.  The podcast follows the adventures of the research team studying this timeline, and there will be hilarity.  Oh, we will laaaaaaugh!

The recording will be available for everyone to listen to once it’s done.  It’ll be rough, though, and we have a fundraiser in mind to get some studio time for this first episode… and of course, we’ll be working our way through other episodes by then.  Stay tuned.  

And ya know, the calendar is filling up.  Free State Comic Con in Lawrence, KS will be my first convention as a presenter, and I’m pretty excited! I’ll debut PCR #1, sell some prints (I hope), and meet some fans and creators.  I will get to meet some of the creators I heard speak at Planet Comicon last year – and reintroduce myself not as a fan, but as a peer.  That will be phenomenal.  Yeah, I’m a little excited!

I have, possibly, stupidly, yet another fundraiser on the horizon.  My serial horror story “MAYFLY” is almost done with its first arc, and to celebrate I’m working with an up-and-coming horror artist to illustrate the story.  I want to pay him, and if people want to help me pay him, then I think that is wonderful.

I am swimming in projects and collaborations, and I am happy to say that it’s all going well – but damn, I feel a little lost in it all.  All I can do is keep chipping away at that mountain…

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