Birthdays Everywhere

This post was written yesterday.  Due to time constraints, I’m posting it tonight. Time warp!

I woke up too comfortable.  I felt well rested – always a bad sign.  Sure enough, I’d forgotten to set my alarm, and was running an hour late.  I got dressed, did the minimum grooming requirement, and made kissy noises at my poor neglected dog.  After scrounging some food, I hit the street.

A neighbor’s dog spotted me and sounded the alarm.  Another joined in, and another, a chorus of jumping, spinning carnivores, back up by distant sirens.

Though, now the sirens were quite close.  A fire truck sped by – another truck – an ambulance.  As I watched, a helicopter drew closer and closer in the distance.  It reminded me that something bad is happening to someone somewhere – but I’d already been on Twitter that morning, so I knew that.

And now I’m alone on the bus – me, my thoughts, and half a dozen strangers.  I’m hopeful for what’s to come.  I’ll be ready to sell my comic book soon, thank goodness.  The holiday is upon us, and we’ll get to see Kat on her birthday.  She’s camping with her grandparents, so on the Fourth we’ll drive out to the campsite.  Kat wants an all-American meal for her birthday: cake, steak, and potatoes! Sounds fun.

This weekend, we’ll have Kat, and we’ll be celebrating her birthday along with my mom’s.  Next week I turn twenty-eight, and I am okay with that.  Life is good.

That’s all for now.  Enjoy the holiday, everyone!

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