Rumbly in my Tumbly

I’ve actually had some interesting foraging news for you all for a few days, but I’ve been nauseous for about a week.  As you can imagine, that’s put a damper on my usually rampant food enthusiasm.  I need to make an appointment to get my guts checked, since the doctor saw some “interesting” changing cells he’d like to further examine.

Anyhow. No doom and gloom today! I want to tell you about the berries in my backyard.  We have this huge, towering tree that forms a labyrinth of tiny branches that slow the light.  Every summer, in mid-June, the tree drops hundreds of black berries that I’ve been too afraid to mess with in the past.  They stain the deck and concrete parking pad, and the birds have this marvelous trick where they eat the berries, then immediately poop them all over the car, tye-dying it in bodacious purples and white-pinks.


This week I overheard a coworker talking about picking berries with their family.  It sounded like a great time for the kids and adults alike.  Then, I heard the berries described.

“Long, kind of like a black berry? But longer.  And just delicious.”

Something in me clicked.  I sidled up to the coworker, cartoon-like, and got the details.

Mulberries.  My yard is infested with mulberries.

Berries have been my sticking point.  I know for certain that you don’t go around popping berries in your mouth unless you’re absolutely certain of what you’re doing.  But now, I was perhaps informed enough to give my tree’s berries a shot.  When I got home, I checked and triple-checked the color and shape of not only the berries, but the tree’s leaves as well.  All signs pointed to Mulberry, so I washed off a handsome berry I found on the porch and gave it a shot.  It was delicious!

Now for the sad news – I started way too late in the season to care about mulberries.  Most of them had already fallen a couple weeks ago, and were in no state to harvest.  Besides, the tree’s branches are so far off the ground that getting up there to collect survivors wouldn’t be easy or profitable.

Next year, mulberries. Next year.

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  1. bleuberi21 says:

    We have a mulberry tree too, that you’re totally welcome to come forage. *nod* I don’t know if there are many left on it right now. 😀

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