M-C Feed: The Mesmeric Inquiry

Welcome back, readers.  Today we dive into one of the most important events in the history of our two worlds: The Mesmeric Inquiry.

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The Inquiry is a fascinating portion of our divided history.  It marks the coming to rest of the flipped coin of fate: on the one side, a world of eldritch power and strange beings; on the other, a world of science and nothing more.  After Franklin’s act of metaphysical legerdemain, the Inquiry is the start of a new world where science and the supernatural walk hand in hand – though not easily, and not always in the same direction.

Again, note the similarities to our own timeline.  That meeting between Benjamin and William Franklin in London really did take place.  Of course, as far as we know, Benjamin had nothing so valuable as his notes on the Inquiry with him.  But, then again, who’s to say he didn’t? Who knows if these “differences” between our world and the True Earth are really that different? Is absence of evidence indeed evidence of absence? Perhaps we’ll never know.

Enjoy the post, and try not to obsess over the unknowable.  If you succeed in that, tell us your secrets.  We haven’t slept in days.

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