M-C Feed: The Lodge of Human Reason

In this edition of the Mesmeric Compendium Feed, we’d like to introduce you to an esteemed yet shadowy organization that has long influenced the politics of the True Earth.  I speak, of course, of the Lodge of Human Reason.

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The Lodge began with the unraveling friendship of John Dee, a scholar, and Richard Kelly, a scrier – and, in our world at least, a charlatan.  There is an ongoing theme in the Compendium of events in our world almost lining up with event on the True Earth, with important variances.  Our history’s Dee and Kelly do in fact team up to uncover the language of the angels, and even though history has judged Kelly a charlatan, the Enochian language he “uncovered” is distinct and somewhat coherent, and isn’t a simple derivation of an existing language.  Fascinating, right?

Well the real John Dee didn’t quit polite society to form an antitheist cabal bent on severing mankind from the supernatural.  No, that only happened on the True Earth.  Not here.  That organization doesn’t really exist, and certainly hasn’t threatened us with disappearance and death if we told what we knew.

*cough* Pardon.

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