Welcome To The Mesmeric Compendium Feed!

Hello, reader, and welcome.  This is the first post in the Mesmeric Compendium‘s RSS feed.

M-C Homepage shot

If you don’t yet know, the Compendium is a project I’m working on with a yeti detective.  The Compendium records our scryings of a parallel universe much like our own, but with a key difference: magic and the supernatural have been proven to exist.

New articles are posted weekly.  I will be posting existing articles here every few days.  Once we’re through the backlog, I will post about each new article.

I want you to do two things:

  1. Sign up for the RSS feed here: http://marshalledwards.net/category/mesmeric/feed
  2. Please Comment! The Compendium itself does not support comments, so leave any comments about an article here on the blog.  We’d love to hear from you.

This will continue to be my blog, of course! The reason I’ve been so quiet here is because I’ve been working on getting the Compendium up and running.  More slice of life will come your way soon.

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