I’ve creatived myself out.  Two days and three nights of hardcore writing and editing and music.  I am spent.

I put in the effort and I will reap the rewards.  I tripled my editing progress on “Yellow River Red Star“,  and am now half-way through the mark-ups and revisions.  It’s a tiresome process and less than entertaining, but absolutely necessary.

The Compendium slouches forward, bit by bit.  I’m nearly done with the profile of French physician Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, but with so much done this weekend I can’t think of starting another article.  Creating a world is not easy.

We had a snow storm a couple weeks ago.  The tree up front came down with a rushing whoosh, and nailed the car across the way (minimal damage, thank goodness).  The damp thing, encrusted with poison ivy, sat in the street until some neighbors and I laid into it with saws.  After other snows and long workdays and three days of raining buckets, I finally cleared the sidewalk and street of debris.  Next, I have to pick the trash up out of the yard.

I complain, but the tree thing could have been so much worse.  No one got hurt, and the house wasn’t damaged.  Another boon: I’m finally on some pills for my digestion problems.  Huzzah! They sound like strange sediment and I have to take a bunch at once.  A month’s supply costs me $60, and I don’t like that.  Not sure how long I’ll stay with it at rate.  But I cannot deny that I feel pretty astronomical and healthy.  It’s enough to make me think about working out again.

That’s all for now.  Maybe it’s losing an hour that’s got me so loopy! Who can say.

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