“Yellow River” Excerpt, and News!

Hi, internet! I’ve been quiet for a while, but I’ve not been idle.  I have quite a bit to share with you.

First, here’s the first segment of my space opera novel-in-progress.  I hope it evokes feelings and such.  Roll ’em:

“My darling Primrose. You’ve trained so hard.”

It was late.  The day-time lights had dimmed the station-world to a dark blue.  Primrose’s mother found her in the Mining Sector of Lesser Yellow Refinery, far from the crowds of the market.  The shrine to Guan Yu, no bigger than a mini-fridge, poured gilded light into the darkness.  Primrose kneeled in the light, shaking.  Her mother approached slowly.

“But there’s nothing here for you, and we all have to accept that.”  Her mother kneaded her hands together when she was tense.  Just then, if she’d had tinder between her hands, she’d have started an inferno.  “And I can’t having you marry some jobless nobody here.  And if you caught the attention of and married one of the few Apparatus pilots left, you’d be vilified and hated! I know how people are.  That’s why I’ve sent for your aunt to come here with her opera troupe, so you can audition -”

“I don’t want to go.  I don’t want to leave Lesser Yellow!” Her voice was racked with sobs.

“I know.” She put a hand on Primrose’s shoulder.  They both looked at the doll-like figure of Guanyin, inset in the dark wall, perched impossibly atop swirling waters.

Primrose stopped shaking and covered her mother’s hand with her own, still facing the tiny shrine.  “All I’ve ever wanted in life is to operate an Apparatus Suit.”

“I know.  But perhaps it’s time for you to want something else.”

There it is! It still needs a little work, sure, but it’s on its way.

A friend and I have started a secret project, still in its infancy.  If it doesn’t make sense yet, don’t worry – an about page is on the way.  My main hope for it is that it will be Fun.

Issue #18 of What White Elephant came out today, and I’m in it! My article on friendship starts on page 9.

One further note: I will be placing a “donate” button on this blog’s “about” page and on the Secret Project page as well.  I would be honored if you donate for whatever reason.  You have a life – you know how it is.  There’s always more bills.

Thank you! I’ll try posting something “slice of life”-related soon.  Busy times!

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