Serious Post: Some Damning Data

I was going to make this post very articulate and measured and patient, but  sometimes you have to just get it out there.  I hope that, as students of truth, you will bear with me.  And we are talking about rape today, just so you know.

First, read this;

And then this;

And then think about how rare violent rape by strangers is (first article), and about how it’s always been used as a justification for Stand Your Ground laws here in the US. And apparently (2nd article) these laws don’t apply to domestic cases, even though these account for up to 75% of all cases? How useless.

That leaves friends and acquaintances that women can shoot if a rape is attempted (and also the extremely rare, easily imagined but mostly ficticious violent stranger). Just how likely is it for anyone to turn a gun on their friends in any situation? Also consider (1st article) that these rapists use intoxicants to get their way. Ten beers in – is that when you go for the gun?

I’m not saying the typical “guns are bad, you shouldn’t use guns”, here. Not at all. But we need to marry our attitudes in this situation with reality. Women should be safe from rape, but pretending that the rapist she’ll face will be a violent, armed stranger is luxury we can’t afford.

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