In the Margins

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The story of the last few days is much more involved than I’ve been able to say.  For instance, my mom was in Arizona when I was taken into the hospital.  She had flown out to be with my grandmother as she was hospitalized with extreme nausea and vomiting, and was set up – you guessed it – to have her gall bladder removed.

Stange symmetry, eh? By the time my grandmother was post-op, bored and ready to go home, I was calling up to tell them I was in line for the same procedure.  There were a lot of astonished laughs on the other end of the phone.  Soon after that, my mom was on her way back to greet me out of the hospital and settle TJ and I into her new place (no stairs, thank goodness).

We soon had another call from Arizona.  My grandmother had had swelling and ankle pain when she’d gone into hospital for the gall bladder.  When she was home recovering, her ankle swelled and split.  They returned her to the hospital and are now working at removing some damn inflamed fibers from her legs.  My mother’s really beside herself – if she had known, she would have stayed.  The bottom line is she can’t be everywhere at once, and that’s not an easy fact for her.

My thoughts are with my grandmother, now that I’m feeling a little more myself.  Kat is here for the weekend – a weekend with her grandparents at their beautiful new house, but a weekend with a defective Marshall also.  She must have been warned about my pain and sensitivity, because she greeted me with a hug so tentative and careful that you thought I might’ve exploded or squished inward like a rotten fruit.

Discomfort aside, I’m slowly getting better.  Still a bit bloated and painful, still pretty crabby toward those trying to help me – sorry guys! Soon I’ll be back to my old self, getting the house and yard and life back in order.  I worry about my grandparents, though.  We should get an update soon enough.

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  1. lismk says:

    Such a strange coincidence. Glad you’re recovering well, and hopefully grandma will be feeling better soon!

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