A Real Live Wire

Ten days ago or so, Teigan and I were awoken by our roommate Ruby knocking on the door.  “I’m scared,” she managed.  We crawled out of bed and ambled to her room, I more slowly than the rest, having just gotten to sleep.

There was fear of fire, and I quickly saw why.  Intense flashes of orange lapped the walls of a house a street over, reflected from an unseen point.  We feared fire, but there was no smoke, and the glow was too sporadic.

Then the orange disappeared, and the neighborhood glowed bright as day – except where we were standing, as the power went out for the first of a few dozen times that night.  That confirmed our suspicions: there was no fire, but a live power line brought down by the storm, dancing in the street somewhere.

The daylight faded, and the power came on.  As we watched, the power/daylight trick repeated, and repeated.  It was pretty clear that nothing was on fire, and I was foggy and I my boxer shorts.  I gave up.

“If anything catches on fire, you’ll wake me, right?”

But I couldn’t sleep.  Not with the house going silent and intermittent high noon going on every few minutes.  The power must have been eventually stabilized, because we did eventually sleep.

So that was a thing that happened.

Today I could only have been depressed.  It was a low energy day dominated by muddle and anxious thoughts.  Band practice helped a bit, but I wasn’t hardly up for that either.  We’ve got a gig on Thursday, and it’s toga party themed, so I’ve been gifted a yellow striped duvet cover to pin up.  But we’re still gonna steampunk it up – I’m wearing my clockwork heart necklace and my jaunty cap, and some of the lovely ladies will be wearing corsets over their togas (I dunno how they came up with this, but I love it).  Should be fun!

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