Can You Hear Me Now? …

It’s been two and a half weeks of pure busy.  The band ventured down to Springfield for a show with Deej’s pirate band, and pirate Josh was gracious enough to record us in hopes of putting a CD together soon.  I rode down with Nikki and had a great time chatting and talking astrology with her.  Once there, we settled in and got to work.  My singing and drumming wasn’t needed that day, so I concentrated on my writing for (check it out!) as my trial period for the site will end soon and I was hungry to get some content out.

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The gig was a mess.  We showed up in time to play at eight, but the venue thought we started at nine.  A labyrinth of cords and wires was assembled around us on the sparse landing strip that served as a stage.  To give you an idea of the close quarters, our guitarist snagged my hair three times with her guitar frets as she swiveled at the waist between songs.

My microphone proved to be my greatest adversary.  It was a new-fangled, old-fashioned microphone with bold steel ribbing, the type you’d see old crooners puckering up to on album covers.   Some genius designer thought such a head would fit nicely on a standard, hinged, adjustable mic stand.  I would adjust it to meet my face, and the out-of-balance thing would then adjust itself, diving toward my ribcage as it fell.

Et tu, mic stand?

A well-employed foot kept it relatively upright, until our tech bolted it down with – you guessed it – another mic stand.  This didn’t solve the mic’s other problem: about half-way through each song, the mic would turn itself off.  By some miracle it stayed on during my lead-vocal song, and it was eventually fixed by the end of our set.

So the conditions were against us.  But, we flourished.  We gave some of the best performances of our songs that we’ve ever done.  The Sea Dogs invited us up to play a polka with them, an we jammed in a raucous drum-circle as the sound people fluttered around.  The next day I recorded my bits along with the others, and now we’re starting to see our tracks come in from the sound guy.  I’m really pleased, and excited for the future, as we have quite a brisk schedule of shows coming up.

I’ll catch you up the rest of the way when I can.

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