Too Focused to See.

It’s come to my attention that I have Messed Up.  I haven’t been giving Kat enough attention when we have her over – instead I’ve been obsessed with writing this or writing that.  Just look at my blog history.  Remember that awesome post I did about sword-fighting and Wittgenstein? That was written on a Kat weekend.  The last Kat weekend we had, I turned it into two blog posts about how much freakin’ fun we had.  But the last time she was here? Nothing about her at all.

It’s a Big Deal.  I didn’t realize how negligent I’d been until I heard it from TJ and Kat’s grandparents.  I was, at the time, trying to get in good with a comic review site that was poorly managed and just fell apart.  I used that as an excuse to blow everyone off and do my own thing all weekend.

I love my time with Kat.  It hurts to know that I messed up.  My plan is to build an awesome Lego fortress of doom for us to play with the next time she’s here.  Last night I tried to work on it, and you know what? It’s really hard to build Legos, by yourself, as a guilt-ridden adult (especially when you’d rather spend hours creating new characters than putting blocks on top of each other).  But I did manage to make a bunch of scuba guys who went tribal after their submarine crashed and they washed up on a desert island.  It wasn’t the awesome Lord of the Rings-esque medieval bastion I’d imagined, but as I’ve often found with writing, you have to create what you’re in the mood for.

In other news, TJ may get her disability hearing soon.  This  means we can take care of a lot of essentials and medical debt that we haven’t been able to pay off, and live a less scrounge-y existence.  She’s nervous, of course, and she’s seeing a dentist about her accelerated tooth decay, which is scary enough in itself (the Doc anticipates a root canal and many fillings).  It’ll be a bright day when her teeth aren’t falling out of her head, no?

Well, I’m off to write some more.  I’m glad we had this little chat.

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