Simple. And Complex.

With my appetite and strength back from being sick, I’m trying to keep my creative powers up.  There’s a lot to accomplish, and a lot to celebrate as well:

With music day behind us, the band seems to really like my bluesy, dark, murderous song.  Enough to incorporate it immediately into the set-list, even! I’m excited.  More than that, I’m humbled.  Everyone but me has had either traditional musical training or years of experience in bands or writing music.  I wanted to do music as a kid, but I always just ended up playing with noise and doing my own thing rather than learning notes… and songs… I never had the dedication.  So to have my work appreciated and liked by people who actually know their stuff is a great feeling.

My comics reviews are up weekly at  I’m covering a few of the New 52 titles, and having a lot of fun with it.  The comics drop Wednesday, and the reviews get published Friday.  My editor, Eric Glover of Politically Correct Pop, has been really encouraging and helpful.  There are some technical problems with the site, but hopefully things are going to get on track.

And a good friend of mine is encouraging me to RALLY and finish my NaNoWriMo project! It’s not easy, but I’m getting the Sisyphus boulder rolling again.  A hundred words at lunch, a few more tonight… who knows? I have a long way to go, but it’s still the best writing I’ve ever done.  Enthusiasm!

My doubts… I’m pushing them aside.  I need to keep things rolling.

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