Thanksgiving and such

I had the really wizard idea of blogging and writing my heart out over Thanksgiving break! We’d be isolated in the desert, I’d have my laptop with me, and outside of actual meals and family time, I’d get SO MUCH WORK DONE. Of course, that didn’t work as well as expected.

The first thing I did upon leaving for the airport was run over my laptop. I wish I was kidding. I was told to move my car so my step-dad could pull into the drive and load up. What I hadn’t realized was that TJ had unloaded all of our bags and put them on the far side of the car. I turned as I back up and rolled right over a suitcase and briefcase.

So I felt kind of stupid, but life goes on. When we got to the airport, I whipped out my laptop to get a little work done. There were spider-web cracks all over the screen, as well as a new dent in the screen’s aluminum casing the size of a golf ball. Goddammit.

The screen still works, fortunately (that’s what I’m typing from now) but I’d like to fix it or get it fixed. At the time, however, I was very put off by the whole thing and switched to writing in my notebook. I got some good work done, but the progress was much slower than I would have liked.

What was I working on, you ask? Why, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I made a good showing the first two weeks, consistently meeting the goal of 1,666 words a day. Unfortunately it was at the sacrifice of sleep, and problems at work began to snowball. I switched my focus back to work, but I had a hell of a time getting things back to normal. Still, I figured, I had a long Thanksgiving vacation coming up: plenty of time to make a comeback. That didn’t quite happen, but I did have a really good trip.

So, recap: busted laptop isn’t TOTALLY busted, and I haven’t updated all month because I’ve been trying to write a novel. Also, Thanksgiving went really well. More details to come.

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