Free S**t Saturday

Talk about good fortune. Last night I was stalking Twitter on my break and @PitchStreet advertised free tickets to Das Racist:

(The first song I heard by the group. Loved it.)

I freaked out a little bit, messaged the Pitch, and my name was put on the list +1. They’re playing with a bunch of local hip hop artists like Greg Enemy, Stick Figa, and Ebony Tusks, the last of which I’ve not heard of before.

So TJ’s semi-excited, and I’m still pretty pumped. We’ll have to navigate the crowd, which isn’t always best for shy little buggers like us – but hey, free show! Kat’s with us, so she’ll be staying with a friend (not something we’ve done before) and we’ll be picking her up late. I think she’ll be fine, especially since they have video games and an adorable chihuahua.

Today, as a whole, has been really good with her. She and TJ explored Crown Center and filled a page front and back with Christmas ideas from the kitty store, the toy store and the little girl’s store. After lunch we took Big Dog to the park, where he chased and played and herded puppies until he remembered he’s old and wanted a nice lie-down in the shade. Rowan and I played jungle creatures and climbed trees, and now she’s turning her brain to mush with Sims 3. There’s been no major outbursts and relatively little yelling from anybody. Success!

TJ’s getting some major work done. She’s got a prescription for knee braces and is going to see a psychologist, all in the name of better health. The debt can be worrisome, but with the recent raise we’re able to start slowly paying it all off. Her fibromyalgia meds are decreasing her pain, and oddly enough, giving her a lot more energy.

The McDougall diet has been a tough transition, involving a lot of cheating. We’re slowly making it work, but it’s another adjustment. No added sugar or fat. That means that one day I’ll have to stop adding oil to everything I eat. Sriracha’s still good though.

Did you know you can become more athletic in the Sims by watching sports on TV? What the fuck, guys.

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