Hug an Introvert (just not really, not without a warning)

The good news is: A lot of people read my blog! The bad news: They’re my family – And I occasionally say something that they think will get them in trouble.

Not my intent.  I didn’t know you guys were out there.  Wait, let me wipe some of the smudges off my laptop.  Yep… there you are.

It turns out my original read of last night’s dinner was correct, and that it wasn’t mandatory.  And that, because I overreacted to a casual comment, I suddenly thought it was mandatory.  And that I ranted here for no reason.

What a waste of space! I could have been posting something that people would find pleasant and useful.  Starting… now.

I’ve got family coming in this weekend – my aunt and cousin from Colorado.  The next weekend is my step-dad’s 60th birthday, and my grandparent’s are coming in for that.  SO, TJ and I are paring down and getting the place presentable for guests.

I’m actually kind of excited to host.  Nervous, too, even though it’s family I’ve known forever.  I’d like to impress them, and our house is finally getting to a settled stage.  I admit, there’s a lot I should be doing daily to keep up the house: little stuff like picking up my dishes when I’m done with them, taking out the compost, et cetera.  And bigger stuff like keeping the tools organized and putting the ladder back after I use it.  I’m getting better at it, but I’ve got a long way to go.

Anyhoo – the pantry’s reassembled, and everything’s falling into place.  The shelves I put in the bathroom (plus a Mom-donated narrow shelving unit) are perfect for the upstairs bathroom, allowing us to open the door more than a foot and a half.  Awkward house is awkward.

I’m way out of shape.  Which is just as well since the military thing’s not happening.  I was told I’d be disqualified if I listed my physical ailments (read: colitis) and wasn’t up to being disingenuous about my physical health.  I’ve heard too many stories about people getting pulled out, discharged, fined, etc. for minor findings.  It’s not for me.

So we’ll see what else is around the corner.  The comic sample is fully lettered.  As soon as Erick is done with the cover, I can show it around! Woo! Some of the big names may not work with me since my artist and I split up, but there’s a lot of good publishers out there who aren’t looking for a total creative team.

That’s all for now.  The chores aren’t gonna do themselves.

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