Excellence in Harmony

So besides my debut last week with Deej’s band, there was another episode of social awesomeness.  Late Thursday night I messaged the head of my sword-fighting group to tell him I wouldn’t e able to participate in their Renfest demonstrations this fall.  I just can’t afford all the period gear and garb that I’d need to roll with his crew, and have as much enthusiasm for making the stuff as a child does for whole grains.  I had come to terms with my poverty and sent my message to Trevor.

He messaged me back immediately with a counter-offer.  He had talked it over with another senior member of the group and they had decided to make a set of equipment for me to wear (!) and return after the events, so that I could participate despite being po’.  The trade-off is that I’d have to be around to help set up and run or presentations, which I am all too happy to do.

I was honored.  I had no idea how much my involvement had meant to the group, that they’d been thinking of me and had found a solution.  It’s been a big ego boost, especially since I’ve worried about the group growing away from me financially.  Next weekend we host a Comuniversity class for new folks and have a good number of people signed up.  I can’t wait to help out and introduce some new blood!

Vacation is going as planned, though I haven’t got much done yet.  I have band practice tonight, and maybe after that I’ll get some lettering done for the comic sample.  All this means I have to pry myself away from the video games.

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