We’ve been changing our smoke detectors on a rolling basis.  We have to.  It’s the only way to keep the klaxon-beep that means “omg low batary” in smoke detector language from boring holes in our skulls.

It freaks Barnaby the fuck out. Though he recognizes me as his alpha (pssh), TJ is his mommy, and is responsible for comforting him when he’s scared.  I hauled the ladder into Rowan’s room in the middle of the night and staggered back to bed to find that the hundred pound furry usurper had stolen my spot! I tried to haul him off, but he was adamant.  We eventually compromised – he laid horizontally at about where my knees would normally be, while I wedged diagonally towards TJ with my feet under his head.  I lay there looking down over Barnaby and the empty space beyond him, like a highland raider gazing past Hadrian’s wall to warmer grazing lands.

They would not be mine that night.  Tonight, I reclaim those Fields of Bed! Strrretch those feet out.

Barnaby got a bit of a treat today.  We took him out to the dog park before sunset.  It was largely empty, but a long-haired dog a little smaller and younger than him was a fast friend.  They smelled each other, they sniffed in tandem, and Barnaby chased the dog for a good long time at full speed.  Barnaby kept up damn well – his running with me is doing him some good!

TJ made a funky veggie pizza tonight with left-over vegan sour cream instead of tomato sauce.  The result – a light, springy pizza with awexome rosemary crust.  Devoured!

Tomorrow we have Rowan and I’m entirely not ready for it.  I think I need half a bag of salt and vinegar chips for moral support.  See ya.

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