On and On

Today was a long day.  Most of my days have been getting long, and it’s not just the sun moving towards summer.  My newsletter was pushed back for editing, and it’ll take another day to finish my rewrites.  Squeezing that in between eight hours of regular work meant I stumbled out of work later than I’d like.

TJ and ex-roommate Chris were waiting for me.  TJ had spent the day thrifting and Restoring, and had made some awesome finds for our home: a funky old lamp, bucket shades, and fifty gardening pavers for a fraction of their original price.  Chris had been riding back and forth to work on his bike – where he apparently works with livestock all day, judging by the stench lines coming off the dude.  In fairness, he’s getting over a cold or something, and works in a factory all day.  But damn.

We picked up some Chinese food and took it home.  Then Chris and I set out to run Cliff Drive near my house.  We did pretty well, especially considering Chris’s cough and the fact that most of the route is uphill.  The route we took is the longest one I’ve run at once.  We stopped a few times to walk, but next time I want to go the full route.

In sadder news, it looks like the Occupational Therapy option isn’t a good one for me.  Though I’d enjoy the work, I would need to pay for twenty more credit hours before the Armed Forces would start paying for graduate school.  Even if we took a sizeable loan, that route doesn’t sound awesome or short.  The sooner we get benefits, the better.

So it’s back to the plan we’d had before we found out about the medical school option: speak to an officer recruiter, take the ASVAB, and shoot for an O1.  It’ll mean a lot of intense work, but I can take it.  Once I take the ASVAB, I’ll know what I qualify for.  I’m certain there’s something out there that will call to me.

That’s all for now, kids.  I gotta get some rest – another big day tomorrow.  Let’s hope my allergies let up soon.

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