Big Reveal

As I’ve been hinting at, there may be some big changes in my near future.  I’m considering a path that, a few years ago, would have seemed way out of my depth.  But I’m in a better place now, and the payoffs are enticing.

I’m thinking of going into the military – in particular, the Navy or Air Force – as an occupational therapist.  I would spend three years here in Kansas City while I studied.  I’d take physicals every half year and meet with a recruitment officer twice a month (sounds kind of like probation – which, technically, it would be).  Then, I’d go through BT and start serving.  I’m not sure if I’d go through officer training or not – that’s one of many, many questions I’ll need answered before I make a decision.

It would pay well – even while I’m in school, I’ll be making twice what I am now, even after paying for tuition.  We’d also have the military insurance, which means we can start working on TJ’s health problems.

So… yeah.  I’m getting in shape, talking to people, and thinking about the future.  I’d have a career that I think I’d enjoy, and this would be a great way to get an education I can’t otherwise afford.  It’d be tough, but I can make it.  If it’s what I decide to do.

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