Still Kickin’

Still alive here! I’ve needed the break from blogging, but happily, I return with good news.  The good news being that we now own a car that shouldn’t fall apart for a while.  We shelled out almost all our savings to do so, which is a little scary for me.  I like having a buffer.  My family did give me stocks when I was a teen, so I’m considering withdrawing those so we can have cash on hand in case of an emergency.  The funny thing is, if I pull my investments out now, my investments will actually stop hemorrhaging money.  (Yes, I know that if I hold out longer the stocks may, eventually, go back up.  I’m fighting my miserly urges and telling myself this is the right thing to do.  FFUUUUUUU–)

Anyway.  The new car is good.  This is a positive post! POSITIVE!

For instance – even though our recent roomie had to hit the road, we have some good prospects on a new roommates.  Topping the list is a lady with a cat and leetle dog.  We meet up with her on Saturday to see if the two dogs don’t bite each others’ heads off.  If she they do, then maybe Barnaby can have a friend and not be so mopey all the time.

Things are tough, but they’ll get better.  We’ll just watch our budget more closely and try to rebuild our savings.  We sent out the next wave of disability paperwork today, so we’re doing our best to move it along.  C’mon, gubment money…

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