The Coming Storm (literally)

Black ice everywhere today.  If you’re just tuning in, TJ and I’s house is in the historic Northeast neighborhood in KC.  It’s really a lovely place, but it has its downsides.  For instance, the road crews don’t come around, so the street was a solid veneer of entirely invisible black ice.  Walking into my work, I just barely caught myself before I smacked the pavement with my face.  I was pretty impressed with myself: it was all muscle memory, baby.

It’s supposed to snow up to 13 inches tonight and tomorrow, so we’re in for it.  TJ summoned her energy and cooked about ten different dishes to last us in case the power craps out.  Southern BBQ tofu, pretzel bites, two loaves of bread, veggie mashed potatoes, snacky baked soybeans, and whiskey calzones.  DAMN I love her!

So it’s up early tomorrow so I can navigate the snow and ice.  Work went well enough today, so let’s try for two.

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